International Customers

Since we began doing business in 2007, we have shipped millions of products around the world with industry-leading success. We are expert in all international shipping matters, we are trusted by thousands of customers and we provide a 100% money-back guarantee on every shipment.
Experienced and Trusted

For more than 10 years, thousands of customers around the world have trusted us with their international business for orders both large and small. In addition to successfully serving customers for home use, hundreds of breweries, wineries and other businesses rely on us for their products.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We provide a 100% money-back guarantee that every shipment is delivered or you will receive a full refund or a replacement. Please read our complete 100% Money-Back Guarantee for our promise to you.

100% Insured

All packages are 100% insured against loss or damage. If any shipment is lost or any item is damaged, you will receive a refund or replacement for the affected items.

Import Taxes, Duties and VAT

We do not collect any import taxes, duties or VAT on international purchases. If there is any import tax due, you are responsible for those charges on delivery. Import taxes can vary widely around the world and import tax laws change often. Please check with your local customs authority to find out what your import tax liabilities are before purchasing.


There are some items that may be restricted from international shipment:

• Each country has a maximum package size which may limit some very large items.
• Some sanitizing products are considered hazardous materials and may not be shipped outside the United States.
• Some plant or animal-based products may be prohibited.

International importation laws are numerous and subject to change. We do our best to help you avoid purchasing an item that may be prohibited. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to be aware of the import restrictions in your country. You assume any risk for purchasing an item that may be prohibited in your country and fails to arrive. Please check with your local customs office for import restrictions or Contact Us if you need any help.

Shipping Carriers

We use the United States Postal service for all shipments outside the United States. When the shipment enters your country, it is taken into position by your customs office and then transferred to your national postal service for delivery.

We are happy to use a private shipping carrier such as FedEx or UPS if you prefer. If you would like a shipping estimate for FedEx or UPS, please Contact Us before placing your order and we will provide you with a quote.


All international shipments will have a tracking number which is a customs identification number. This number will provide limited tracking information including when the package is shipped and when it is delivered. However, most international shipments can not be tracked once the package leaves the United States because your postal system may not update the shipping status. Therefore, it is normal to see periods of inactivity in the tracking information between the time the shipment leaves the US and when it is delivered.