Security Statement

Olive Wood Brewing and Craft Co. is committed to protecting the security of all personal and financial information that our customers provide to us. We understand the critical nature of this responsibility and will continually assess our practices and company policies to ensure that we are taking all necessary actions to secure the information of our customers. This is intended to be a clear declaration of our commitment to information security and the practices, policies and services we employ to maintain that security.

Our Security Policies
• We will comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations concerning information security.
• We will strive to secure all information provided to us and protect the confidentiality of our customers.
• We will have defined responsibilities for information security, maintain an information security management system and implement necessary security measures to operate securely and properly manage information assets.
• Our chief security officer, and any employees involved in information security, will receive periodic education and training to maintain current knowledge of proper security practices and policies.
• We will establish and maintain a swift recovery system to identify when a breach has occurred, secure the breach, prevent re-occurrence, minimize any damage or loss, identify the information that was compromised and notify customers of the incident.
• We will regularly assess our entire information security management system to ensure that all policies and practices are meeting security requirements and goals.

Website Security
• Our website is certified level 1 PCI DSS compliant which extends to our web hosting, online store and shopping cart.
• Our website is maintained on a secure network and undergoes regular monitoring and testing.
• A vulnerability management program is implemented to continually to ensure optimal security practices and policies involving the website, online store and shopping cart.
• All cardholder data is encrypted, transmitted and stored securely.
• Strong access control measures are in place to ensure that only those with necessary access to conduct business or those granted with your permission are able to access your information.

Credit or Debit Card and Payment Information
When purchasing on our website, we never view, handle or store any credit card, debit card or other payment information.

Information Sharing
We will never give, sell or exchange your information to any third-party without your permission.

We use cookies and unique identifiers associated with your device as a fundamental part of our interaction with your internet browser. The purpose is to provide you with better service, a more customized experience and a more effective website. A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on your computer, tablet or phone when you visit a website. A web server sends you a cookie and your browser accepts it. The browser then returns the cookie to the web server the next time you visit that particular website. You can choose if and how a cookie will be accepted by configuring your preferences and options in your browser.

Third Party Software
We are not responsible for the security risks posed by any third-party software that you use in conjunction with our website.

Any record of customer correspondence via phone, email, text, VOIP, social media or any other communication method will be kept confidential unless subpoenaed by law or when protecting our business from abuse or criminal activity.

Advertising and Tracking
We may share limited information in the form of website cookies to third-parties for advertising and tracking purposes in order to delivery appropriate, customized and useful content to our customers. These cookies include such information as:

• The device and browser you are using.
• The date and time of your visit.
• The advertising you see.
• How you use our website.

Web Analytics
We may use website analytic services to gather information about you and how you interact with our website to improve the user experience of our website and services. This information also allows us to tailor the experience and content for you based on what you have visited or interacted with during a previous visit.

This security statement will be updated to maintain a clear represent of our commitment to information security and define our current security policies and practices. If you have any questions about information security practices, please feel free to Contact US.