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6.5 Gallon Brewer's Best Bottling Bucket

  • 6.5 Gallon food-grade plastic bottling bucket for beer, wine or cider. Plastic buckets are light-weight, affordable and easy-to-clean. It  has volume markers measured in both gallons and liters in addition to several helpful reference tables printed on the outside. The bucket is pre-drilled with a 1in hole near the bottom for an optional spigot. Available with or without a 3/8in bottling spigot. BPA-free. Made in the USA.

    Helpful Reference Charts Printed On The Bucket:
    - Volumes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) keg carbonation chart
    Alcohol By Volume Chart
    - Gravity Conversion Chart
    - Specific Gravity Temperature Correction Table
    - Brix Temperature Correction Table
    - Celsius and Fahrenheit Conversion Table

    - Pre-drilled for bottling spigot
    - Sturdy carrying handle
    - BPA-free, food-grade plastic

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