81-Bottle Tree Drainer

  • The Bottle Tree is a clever way to store bottles for draining and drying. After rinsing a bottle, simply insert it over a peg of the bottle tree to allow it to drip dry. The rotating base has a raised outer lip which will contain all the accumulated liquid. This is a great way to keep bottles sanitary prior to bottling or to dry them for storage. It also features a rotating rack that will spin to provide easy access to all sides. The Bottle Tree can be used for beer or 750mL wine bottles. However, we do not recommend using very large or heavy bottles such as 1.5L bottles or Champagne bottles. It can be assembled and disassembled very quickly for storage. It is also designed to be used with the Vinator bottle rinser (sold separately) which mounts to the top of the tree to make a complete bottle rinsing and drying station.

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