Basic Cheese Making Kit

  • This kit makes 8 delicious types of cheese including Farmhouse Cheddar, Gouda, Monterey Jack, Feta, Cottage Cheese, Colby, aged hard Italian cheeses and Ricotta. This kit has enough supplies for making forty 1lb batches of cheese cheese and all you need is milk and a few basic kitchen utensils. That's 40lb (18.1kg) of fresh, homemade cheese!

    With a little effort and a lot of fun, you can make your very own preservative-free cheese! Start now and make this a family tradition. This kit comes with detailed recipes that make the cheese making process easy and enjoyable.The included basket mold is an ideal mold for soft and hard cheese. When making harder cheese, simply use an inverted small plate or large jar lid as a follower/pressure-plate. Then place your desired weight on your plate to distribute the weight evenly. A weight of 3 to 20lbs (1.4kg - 9.1kg) is the working range for this mold. Hard cheeses may require cheese wax and a hard cheese mold (available separately).

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