Citric Acid

  • Citric acid is food-grade and can be used in any food and beverage application such as canning, preserving, flavor enhancement, vitamin C supplement and more. It can also be used in home and healthcare applications such as cleaning and personal care products.

    Citric acid is an effective additive for improving the flavor and quality of wine. It is generally used for its flavor contributions and other benefits. The crystallized form is easy to work with, measure and add to the wine. It imparts a pleasing fruity and citrusy flavor that brightens the overall flavor of wine and creates a more balanced character. Citric acid also prevents oxidation, inhibits bacterial growth and can be used in white wines to retain a light color. It should be used when making wine from fruits with low concentrations of citric acid including apricots, mangoes, figs, strawberries, peaches and plums.

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