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FerMonster Plastic Carboy

  • FerMonster carboys are made of 100% virgin polyethylene (PET) plastic and have a wide 4in opening for fermenting beer, wine, cider or more. It is light-weight, transparent and the large opening makes it easy to ferment whole fruit or to reach inside. It has a tight-fitting screw-top lid that has a pre-drilled hole for a rubber stopper and airlock (available separately).

    FerMonster carboys are made without any plasticizer and are 100% virgin, food-grade, BPA-free material. They are extremely tough and virtually unbreakable. They are colorless, stain resistant, impermeable to oxygen and are 100% taste- and odor-free. The lid requires a #10 rubber stopper or Buon Vino Intermediate Universal Stopper (available separately). Replacement lids, gaskets and accessories are also available. Made in Canada.

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