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Fuggle Hop Pellets

  • Fuggle is a versatile hop variety and favored in darker beers like porter, stout, and mild. It adds a classic English character and often used alone in a recipe. It also blends very well with other varieties such as Golding in late-hopped and dry-hopped English styles such as bitter, pale ale, and ESB. Many first-generation American craft brewers incorporated Fuggle in their groundbreaking pale ales. It is a pleasingly mild hop with an earthy-sweet aroma that is woody with notes of tree fruit. When used in late kettle additions and dry hopping, it will present a more grassy character. Selected as a chance seedling back in 1861, Fuggle quickly became a dominant force in English hops. In 1949 it accounted for 78% of its home country’s hop acreage. It is named for the grower in Kent who first introduced the variety.

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