Herbal Vinegar: Flavored Vinegars, Mustards, Chutneys, Preserves, Conserves, Salsas, Cosmetic Uses, Household Tips

  • Explore the many flavorful possibilities of vinegar. With dozens of recipes for infusing vinegar with herbs, spices, vegetables, and flowers, Maggie Oster fills this delightful book with mouthwatering mixtures that go far beyond salad dressing. Use your homemade vinegars to add some zing to everything from Green Chile and Cilantro Sambal to the white cream sauce enriching your pork chops. Oster also includes tips on making cleaning products from vinegar, so you can keep your kitchen naturally spotless when you’re done cooking.

    Vinegar is versatile! And this book covers it all:

    - Directions for buying, making and flavoring inexpensive, easy-to-make vinegars - dozens of ideas for combination herb, spice, vegetable and flower vinegars.
    - Recipes for using flavored vinegars - just a splash for exhilarating basic vinaigrettes, fruit and vegetable salsas, flavorful and tenderizing marinades, spicy dessert sauces and many more.
    - Gift packaging ideas and customized labels.
    - Step-by-step instructions for growing flavorful herbs indoors and out.
    - Household uses and hints - more than 100 home uses for vinegar, including polishing chrome, prolonging the life of cut flowers and preparing natural beauty treatments.

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