BSG Home Brewing Equipment Kit With 6 Gallon Plastic Carboy (K6PET)

  • Make any beer style at home with this advanced home brewing equipment kit. It includes essential brewing tools plus a 7.8 gallon fermenting bucket and 6 gallon plastic carboy. This kit is suited for brewers who prefer a plastic carboy because it is much lighter and safer than glass carboys. The PET carboy also allows brewers to make both ales and lagers because the PET carboy is impermeable to air and can be used for beer styles that require long-term fermentation.

    Many other accessories are included such as a twin-lever bottle capper, automatic pump siphon, triple-scale hydrometer, bottle brush, cleanser and more! In addition to this equipment kit, you will also require an ingredient kit, a stainless steel stock pot, beer bottles and bottle caps (available separately).

    Shipping Restriction:
    This kit can not be shipped outside the United States or Canada because it exceeds maximum size restrictions. Please consider purchasing any of the components individually for shipment outside the US or Canada.

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