Large Cheese Basket Mold

  • This basket mold is ideal for making a variety of soft or hard cheeses. It is most suited to making fresh cheeses such as Ricotta, smaller blue cheeses and early ripening (high moisture) varieties such as Cheddar and Gouda. The basket-style mold is the perfect choice for these cheese varieties because they require little weight if pressing is required. This size is ideal for 2 to 3 US gallons (7.6L - 11.4L) of milk. When making harder cheeses, simply use a small inverted plate or large jar lid as a follower/pressure-plate and apply a weight of 3lb to 20lb (1.4kg - 9.1kg). BPA-free.

    For Cheese Types:
    - Fresh Cheeses
    - Ricotta
    - Smaller Blue Cheeses
    - Early-Ripening Cheeses
    - High-Moisture Cheeses
    - Cheddar
    - Gouda

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