Libbey Half Yard of Ale Glass With Stand (55444)

  • Beer drinkers around the globe have celebrated the art of beer drinking with this special glass! In 17th century England, skilled glassblowers displayed their talents by producing these beautiful and exotic ‘Long Glasses’, also known as ‘Ell Glasses’. They were often used in pub contests, during special occasions or to give a toast.

    Assorted shapes and sizes have been produced over the years and around the world. Some of the longest glasses made were nearly one yard in height. Eventually, this glass style became known as the ‘Yard’ and its size was measured in this way.

    The impractical shape and rounded bottom creates the challenge for the seasoned beer drinker who must finish the entire glass once it has been raised. The drinker is ultimately successful when they avoid becoming drenched by the final rush of beer at the bottom of the yard! This whimsical glass features a wooden stand and is truly a wonderful piece of beer culture.

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