Making & Using Vinegar: Recipes That Celebrate Vinegar's Versatility

  • Chef Bill Collins shows you how to make your own vinegars, including wine, apple cider, malt, white, and rice vinegars, and then flavor them with herbs for exactly the taste you want. He also offers recipes for cooking with your custom-made vinegars, creating everything from a basic Italian salad dressing to Asian coleslaw, sweet potato salad, pot stickers, lentil soup, caponata, sauerbraten, caprese sliders, pickles and chutneys, and even chocolate chip cookies.

    From the Back Cover:
    Vinegar is the secret ingredient that adds bright flavor and sparkle to countless dishes. Personal chef and cooking instructor Bill Collins offer step-by-step instructions for making your own vinegars and developing flavor infusions for purchased or homemade vinegars. Enjoy your creations in refreshing shrubs (a vinegar soft drink) and more than 30 delicious recipes. You'll also find information on pickling in the section on the many household uses for distilled white vinegar.

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