Penn Controls Digital Temperature Controller (A421ABG-02C)

  • The Penn Controls A421 Series Electronic Temperature Controller is a single-stage, electronic temperature control unit with a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) output relay. It is pre-wired with plug and receptacle ends for quick and simple installation. The control features an adjustable backlit LCD for viewing the temperature and status of other functions. It has a simple, three-button touchpad for setup and adjustment. An LED indicates the On/Off status of the output relay. Rated for 120 VAC.

    The A421 controls feature a backlit LCD with adjustable brightness and three-button touchpad interface that can be set up to restrict user adjustments. An LED indicates the output relay's On/Off status.

    This temperature controller has simple ON and OFF temperature settings for heating or cooling, and adjustable anti-short cycle delay, temperature setback, and sensor offset capability. The temperature control range is -40º to 212ºF (-40º to 100ºC).

    The A421 control has a Type 1(NEMA), IP20(CE), high-impact plastic enclosure suitable for surface or DIN rail mounting. It is pre-wired with an electrical cord consisting of a 120 VAC grounded plug on a 6ft cord and a 120 VAC grounded outlet on a 6ft cord. It includes an A99BB-200C temperature sensor with 6.6ft cable.

    This temperature controller is specifically designed for temporary temperature control in a wide variety of single-stage refrigeration or HVAC equipment. It requires no drilling or modification to the factory thermostat or appliance. It is suited for portable space heaters, refrigerators and freezers, agricultural, home brewing, food service and ventilation applications.

    Note: This thermostat is not capable of maintaining a temperature below the coldest temperature setting of a cooling appliance. Additionally, it is not capable of maintaining a temperature higher than the warmest temperature setting of a heating appliance. In either of these cases, the on-board factory thermostat will activate. To operate the temperature control, set the cooling appliance to it's coldest setting (or set the heating appliance to it's warmest setting) and set the temperature controller to the desired temperature.

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