Precision Thermo-Hydrometer (7.5° - 16.5° Plato)

  • A precision thermo-hydrometer for accurately measuring the density of beer or wine between 7.5° and 16.5° Plato. This professional-grade hydrometer is calibrated for reading at the bottom of the meniscus and is standardized at 68°F (20°C).

    It includes a built-in thermometer which contains no mercury and measures 0° - 50°C. A temperature correction table is also included for adjusting density measurements at different temperatures.

    This precision thermo-hydrometer measures liquid density in °Plato which is comparable to the Balling or Brix scales in which density is represented as a percentage of dissolved sugar by weight in solution. These scales of measurement are considered equivalent for practical applications due to the fact that the differences are less than the margin of error of the instrument. The Brix and Plato scales differ slightly due to different methods of calculation but are generally used interchangeably. Each hydrometer has a serial number and includes a certificate of calibration from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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