Refractometer with Automatic Temperature Control (0º - 32º Brix)

  • A refractometer measures the density of unfermented brewer's wort or wine must, providing quick and accurate readings with only a few drops of sample fluid. This handheld version is packed with features to make it perfect for both brewers and winemakers. The refractometer provides measurements in both °Brix and Specific Gravity, and automatically adjusts for temperature of the sample. The viewing lens also has an adjustable focus to eliminate the need to wear prescription eye glasses to see the display clearly. It is durable, lightweight, and comes with a protective, hard-shell case. It also comes with a plastic pipette to collect the liquid samples, a screwdriver to adjust the calibration screw and a micro-fiber cloth to keep the prism glass clean.

    Since alcohol affects the refractive properties of liquids, the refractometer can only be used on unfermented wort or must (or other sugar solutions). Final gravity (density after fermentation) must be calculated, rather than measured directly.

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