Rice Syrup Solids, 1lb

  • Rice syrup solids are a highly fermentable dried extract made from rice. It can be used in beer and wines recipes to increase fermentability while preserving the body and flavor of the beer or wine. Rice syrup solids will contribute a light, mildly sweet, rice flavor and light body.

    When used as a substitute for malt or fruit, it will lighten the body and flavor of the recipe. When used in addition to a normal recipe, it will increase fermentability without significant impact to the original character of beer or wine.

    Rice syrup solids can make up as much as 20% of the fermentable ingredients in a recipe and yeast nutrient should always be used in the fermentation. Rice syrup solids can be used in a variety of beer styles including American Light Beers, European Beers, Malt Liquors and Belgian Ales.

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