The Bartender's Black Book, 10th Edition

  • Be at the top of your bartending game with The Bartender's Black Book - the ultimate drink recipe collection for the 21st century. Compiled by master mixologist Stephen Kittredge Cunningham, this updated 10th edition is the most recent, up-to-date and complete guide on the market! With 143 brand new recipes added and over 2800 recipes total, you'll get all of your classic cocktails and the hottest new drinks too. Loaded with tips, tools and Robert M. Parker Jr.'s most recent Wine Vintage Guide, this indispensable book is the go-to manuscript for amateurs and professionals alike.

    It is alphabetized with an index by ingredient so that it's easy to find the drinks you want. Additionally, it's spiral bound so that it can lie flat when opened to your drink selection as you mix your cocktail. It has over 2800 recipes including classic cocktails, martinis, coffees, punches, shots, frozen and dessert drinks. It is unbiased without preference to specific brands, has an easy to use index by ingredient, spiral bound, mixing instructions and metric conversion chart.

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