The Brewmaster's Bible: The Gold Standard for Home Brewers

  • Master home brewer Stephen Snyder presents the A to Z guide for producing expert home brewing results every time. Everything there is to know about home brewing is here - how to ferment, condition, bottle or keg, store, serve and savor your homebrews.

    Also Included:
    - Tips on choosing yeast, malt, hops, specialty grains and additives
    - Lists of every type of beer in the world - and how to make them
    - Discoveries of supply shops, beer associations and publications
    - Master Brewers’ suggestions for improving your beer

    Providing easy-to-follow instructions and with the zeal of a true believer, Snyder walks novice brewers through their first simplest batches to more advanced techniques to the ultimate in homebrewing - formulating your own recipes.

    Topping it all off is a mind-boggling array of recipes collected from brewmasters around the world. It would take a lifetime to brew them all. For each beer type - from India Pale Ale to the heaviest German Bock, from fruit- and spice-flavored beers and Christmas beers to the blackest chocolate stout - Snyder includes endless variations and professional advice, making this, truly, the only brewing guide you’ll ever need.

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