The Secret Life of Beer!: Exposed: Legends, Lore & Little-Known Facts

  • Beer has inspired, influenced, and excited human beings for thousands of years! Discover the mysteries of the fermented beverage, revealed at last in this intriguing book of cultural history, poetry, song, little-known facts, and quirky quotes by beer drinkers from Nietzsche to Darwin.

    Readers will be astonished to learn the esoteric facts that were discovered such as that in most ancient cultures only women were allowed to brew, and for much of history beer was considered a nourishing alternative to drinking water!

    From the Back Cover:

    Did you know that...
    - The Mayflower abandoned its search for further destinations and landed in Plymouth because they had run out of beer?
    - Women in ancient Sumeria dominated the art of brewing and tavern keeping, operating under the protection of Siduri, goddess of the brewery?
    - Twenty people literally 'drowned in beer' in 1814 when a vat in a London brewery exploded, creating a tidal wave of beer?
    - Alewives in Colonial America brewed a special high-test 'groaning ale' for a mother-to-be to swig while she was in labor?

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