Twin Roller Grain Mill

  • Stainless steel, twin-roller grain mill quickly and easily grinds barley, corn and other grains with excellent milling consistency. The large, 10in wide hopper holds about 7 to 10lbs of grain and the wooden base is designed to fit on top of 6.5g or 7.8g plastic buckets. At the heart of the mill, are 2 knurled stainless steel rollers measuring 5in long and 1-1/4in diameter. The roller gap can easily be adjusted and locked in place using adjustment controls on either side. The gap can be adjusted between 0in and 0.1in (0mm and 2.5mm) to produce a fine or coarse grind. The mill can be powered by attaching a power drill to the crank shaft with no additional parts required. When operating at 500RPM, the mill is capable of grinding up to 6lbs per minute.

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