Wine Acid Test Kit

    • Complete acid testing kit for wine including sodium hydroxide solution, acid indicator solution, syringe, test tube and instructions. Grapes and other fruits have varying levels of acidity which requires that the acid content of the juice be checked and adjusted prior to fermentation. A proper acid balance prevents formation of off-flavors, inhibits bacteria and encourages healthy yeast development. This acid test kit instantly measures the acid content in any wine and provides a reading in either percent tartaric acid (US standard) or parts per thousand sulfuric acid (European and British standard).

      Acid content is measured by combining a small sample of wine, the acid indicator solution and the reagent solution. Reagent is added to the sample until a color change occurs and the amount of reagent used is calculated to provide the acid content. The wine acid kit provides enough acid test solution and reagent for 50 to 100 tests. Complete instructions are included in the kit which also provide helpful formulas to adjust the acid content of the wine with various additives.

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